Foam set? …it is not just colored cubes… it is a world full of fantasy…

…all children like to build houses, bunkers, various shelters and hiding places, where they can hide and play undisturbed in “their children’s world”… EDUFIT’s foam sets will give all children of different ages enough space for their imagination and fantasy, and the important thing is, that these games are safe!

Set of Figures

About us

Our company has been producing mattresses, furniture, rehabilitation and recreational equipment and a wide range of products filled with soft polyurethane foam for 10 years now. We have many products in which everyone will find something interesting. The products in our offer are made by hand, with an emphasis on the high quality, which is ensured by well-trained, long-term employees. Thanks to experience and high standards of work, the final effect of our efforts is a product of exceptional quality and 100% Polish, which we are very proud of. Our acompany is environmentally friendly.

We also offer the production of custom-made elements. This means product personalization, color selection, and the possibility of choosing your own patch.

Our products are certified and comply all safety standards!

Assemblies and building blocks help children develop both fantasy and imagination, as well as motor skills.


All our products are suitable for kindergartens, childcare centers and children’s corners.


All our elements are made of polyurethane foam and are covered with a high-quality covering fabric, leatherette.


We also offer the production of custom-made foam elements according to the customer’s wishes.

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On you will find a complete offer of all our elements.

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